Quando o poema de Vanessa encontra o piano de Raul

Dia Internacional do Piano, e uma colaboração inspirada da Vanessa Oliveira para o som do piano do Raul Pinto.

The piano player breathes music… in a set of notes. Every note is a 
key. Every key a note that speaks and plays a part. In a keyboard, 
like a body part.
A keyboard is an invitation for the soul to come on board… and to 
walk through the black and white stripes of a higher score. Fingers 
become the soul singers ready to go around the world, within a piece 
sometimes not yet writen. But there, waiting for the inspiration.
The piano player breaths music… in a set of tones and rhythms that 
not always rhyme. Despite remaining in the same spot, his playing has 
the ability to make you travel to distant places and times, and 
sometimes stop, enlightning a darker day with his spotlight.
Music is that common language and can be the common understanding that 
is lacking the world. Music needs no words, but its sound can be that 
missing keyword.

Vanessa Oliveira, for the World Piano Day 2021 (29th March)